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Kingston Joinery is proud to be a partner of Vitral Roof Glazing. Founded in 1956 as a roof glazing company, Vitral is one of the most experienced and dedicated suppliers of roof lights in Europe.

Working together we can provide a range of roof glazing options. Making good roof glazing solutions which perform under all weather conditions is difficult. Vitral’s many years of experience within roof glazing is the customers’ guarantee for getting reliable, long lasting and energy efficient solutions.

Vitral is renowned for manufacturing roof-lights that offer exceptional quality, performance and aesthetics. These simple qualities are the essence of every good building, so why compromise? By combining sustainable materials, functions and a clean, aesthetic design we have created a truly remarkable product.

A74 Roof Glazing

A74 is a panel based glass roof system with thermally broken aluminium profiles. A74 is characterised by a smart design with slim, shallow profiles. This allows a maximum of natural light which is unique compared to other glass roof systems.

The name A74 derives from A for aluminium and 74 refers to the ultra-low profile depth of 74mm. The profile is only 50mm wide, giving it a very slim look. A74 is an elegant product which can be tailored for any solution required.

A98 Roof Glazing

The development of A98, which is based on A74, has resulted in a series of unique features. With A98 having a U-value of just 0.79 W/m²K we have created the most sustainable glass roof system available.

The slim frames and shallow profiles combined with a total panel area of up to 3m² ensure an extraordinary amount of natural light. The concealed opening mechanism along with the opening motors which are embedded in the frame makes A98 one of the most beautiful glass roof systems. The profiles are made of thermally broken aluminium. A98 is adjustable according to measures. Concealed vents are available from module width 651mm to 1200mm maximum.

Flat Roof Skylights - Sky Vision Comfort

SkyVision is the perfect solution when natural light and ventilation are required in a flat roof construction, Comfort sky-lights provide both daylight and natural ventilation coupled with elegant sightlines and a contemporary feel. The roof-light is opened by a chain motor which is integrated and thereby fully concealed in the kerb. An elegant and functional solution which ensures natural ventilation is provided without compromising thermal performance.

Fixed is the non-venting variant and the perfect solution where natural light and a clean aesthetics are key. Even a single roof light can transform a dull room and flood the space with natural light from above.

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